What it’s like to watch Steph Curry play basketball

Every three-point shot he takes, the whole of Oracle Arena collectively inches off their seats, holds their breath, and waits for the shot to swish through the net. If it doesn’t: we are shocked. Genuinely disappointed, because it happens with such frequency.

And when it does swish — the joy is instant.

Because the hypothesis has been confirmed. Our cheers are a ritual, a celebration of what we’re lucky to have. It’s like we get to rediscover his wonderful talent again and again, with every three-point shot.


But then he’ll also dazzle us with his moves,

and hypnotize us with his passes.

He’s not just the most valuable player to his team, he’s the most enchanting force in the league right now. LeBron is a wrecking ball, Anthony Davis is a crane, James Harden is dynamite, but Steph Curry is ethereal.

He is the incarnate form of basketball divinity. Most valuable not just to his team, but to the league, to future players, and to fans. An example of what it takes to be great, to lead and win, and to do it all with scoopfuls of class.

The clock ticked down in the game last night: 24.8 seconds on the clock, Warriors with the ball. Steph takes it up the court. With the win secured, Oracle screams its approval. But time will remain after this victory-lap of a possession.

“He’s gonna have to shoot.” my brother says.

“No he won’t.” I say. Not after 45 points, 19 of which came in the last quarter of a statement game. Not on a night where he breaks his own record for most three-pointers in a season. Not a player with this much class.

The shot-clock runs out. Steph lets the team take the turnover. Portland misses their futile attempt and the game ends. He walks off… and I swear there is magic dust left behind in the trail of his footsteps.

Read to plants, sing to pets, write for you.

Read to plants, sing to pets, write for you.